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2013 – 3rd Degree BURN!!!!

It is finally DONE and almost here !!!!  I will do my best to fill you in as to what is new, different, and improved throughout the entire boat.  I am so excited for this boat to come out because myself along with David Fusilli had a lot of input to our designer Robert Peerson. …

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Highlight video for 2012…so far

2012 has been a very busy year so far and I have been able to get on some great runs, waterfalls, and waves.  This video will display what kind of good Demshitz has been able to get so far in 2012.  I really can’t say enough about the Pyranha boats, company, and family that I …

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Demshitz loves BC

Update from the Demshitz Pyranha Van.  We just got back into the US after a short but fun filled tour in the wilds of BC.  We took a quick tour of BC, finding that a majority of the classic runs were to high but we were still able to get on a few good runs. …

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Jed Surfing West Virginia

This spring I got to surf a few really good waves in West Virginia, and even better I got to surf them in the new JED.  I still can not say enough about this boat, it’s fast, loose, and goes really big.  Enjoy the video and stay tuned for another sick wave video from Skook, …

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Demshitz Romance in Durango

So demshitz has been wondering around the Colorado scene in the recent few weeks. From Paddlefest to a quick Durango creek mission (the vid from this is below), straight to Teva Mountain Games in Vail, to a few dealer visits and demo’s, to the Lyons outdoor Games and now we are back in Buena Vista …

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Demshitz can fly with JED on Big Buseater Wave!

JED Flies

Look out JED is coming !!!!  Dave Fusilli called me up on Sunday last week and said, ” I got JED and Bus is in, you in?”  I replied, “pick me up!!!” This was my first experience with Buseater and it was in its true form, cold water, cold weather, and cold beer.  We had …

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The JED is coming !!!!

This year is shaping up to be one heck of a good year, we have three new boats to paddle and so many places to paddle them.  Right now I want to talk briefly about Pyranha’s NEW playboat the JED, I really like how fast, loose, and big this boat goes.  As Dave Fusilli has …

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Gear Fest the Midwest Outdoor Experience

Last weekend myself, Nicole Mansfield, Craig Kleckner and Todd Baker loaded up Orange Bitch ( Pyranha van) from my home in Clarion PA, and headed west to Dayton Ohio.  demshitz arrived Friday afternoon to setup for the event.  For a few hours on Friday and most of the day Saturday we entertained and informed the …

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Demshitz Loves the Northwest!!

As part of our tour Demshitz headed up to the Northwest for some creeking and some Skook action and we were not let down.  We started with three rainy days at Skook and then once back in Washington we got on some new runs along with some classics.  Watch as Demshitz surfs Skook and runs …

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Paddle with Team Pyranha

As my winter season is quickly coming to an end here at Alta Utah I am getting more and more fired up for the 2011 kayak season.  This is the end to a very epic year and the beginning of an even better one.  With Pyranha kayaks leading the charge in whitewater I can’t help, …

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