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British Universities Kayaking Expedition 2024 – Selection Event

The British Universities Kayaking Expeditions have taken place every two years (with a break for COVID) since 2005. No rain makes the weekend a lot more labour-intensive, so it was with enormous relief that this year the rain gods were smiling on us!


Gavin Jostad

This is really hard to write about at the moment, but I want to share my experience with one of the most motivated, talented, and incredibly nice humans that we lost 4 days ago.


Little White Salmon Race 2023

Cook-Underwood, WA, USA – March 25, 2023 by James McLeod Bingen Theater [o] River Hoomans I’ll preface this write-up with a disclaimer: This may be more of an opinion editorial than a race report. But then again, show me a kayaker that doesn’t also have an opinion! (Long live the option to comment below!) Can …

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Rip-R Evo: Phase 2

At Pyranha, we have put more work into the evolution of the next Evo than any kayak in our 52-year history; while our competitors were trying to match the performance of the original Rip-R Evo, we were setting the bar even higher…


We’re Charity Champions!

We’re delighted to announce that in February of this year, Work for Good named us as one of their ‘Sales Fundraising Stars’!


BOOM! The Firecracker is here…

Our #HalfSizeHalfSlice, the Firecracker, is here!


End of Season Sale

If you want to pick up one of our kayaks at an outstanding price, then just give one of these dealers a call, drop them an email, or, better still, pay them a visit!


Small Ripper 2 is Here!

We’ve patiently waited, watching all our medium and large pals ripping it up and having all the fun, but now it’s our turn to see what the fuss is about. The wait is finally over for us shorties, because the small Ripper 2 has landed!


A Triumphant Return!

When we learnt that Extreme Slalom had gained a foothold in the 2024 Olympic Games, we decided it was the right time for a committed and decisive return to our roots…


Ukraine Fundraiser Update 2

Thank you to each and every person who supported us in our fundraising efforts thus far, but we’re not done yet!

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