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Gear Fest the Midwest Outdoor Experience

Last weekend myself, Nicole Mansfield, Craig Kleckner and Todd Baker loaded up Orange Bitch ( Pyranha van) from my home in Clarion PA, and headed west to Dayton Ohio.  demshitz arrived Friday afternoon to setup for the event.  For a few hours on Friday and most of the day Saturday we entertained and informed the crowd on Pyranha kayaks, Whitewater Warehouse (local dealer), and what exactly a freestyle kayak was made to do.  I think demshitz actually opened a lot of eyes as to what is possible in a whitewater kayak.  I did do a lot of talking and explaining as to what our kickass sport is all about!  Dayton locals may be seeing more and more whitewater kayaks because  Five Rivers MetroParks is moving ahead with plans to develop a whitewater park near downtown Dayton.  As for the rest of Gear Fest we where entertained by bands playing all day, food and gear vendors and the slackline US National Championships.


Craig Kleckner, like Shamu at Sea World


The demshitz dunk tank


Myself trying to motivate Craig to get in the pool on a not so warm day. Notice the grey puffy….


Nicole bow stalling in blue


Craig and Todd,….. stoked to have Pyranha boats attached to the stage.


Craig slacklining