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Monthly Archive: February 2011


Kayaking Thailand

Last summer three of us headed out to Thailand to see what we could find. It was a great trip, check out the video here


Park & Huck Classic

Still soo cold… but there is this Rapid called “Stromboding-Waterfall” in upper Austria , which you can paddle at low waterlevels in early spring.. the waterfall itself is not extremly difficult, but has a tricky entrance and a big undercut at the base of the fall. very nice … ! myself entering the exit drop. …

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Second descent of the Las Truchas

Las Truchas river lies in the upper reaches of the Nuble River valley in region VIII of Chile.  The first descent was completed in 2007, and the second and third descents in 2010.   Due to its remote location it is off the radar of most kayaking trips done in Chile. However it is with out …

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Dart Fest

Last week end saw the 2nd annual Dart Fest. If you’ve not been to a Pyranha Fest before its an excellent opportunity to grab some coaching, catch up with the Team, check out and paddle all the latest Pyranha boats, but most importantly it’s a great weekends paddling with a party thrown in all courtesy of …

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Fun on the Futaleufu.

Two days ago I came back from a ten day trip guiding for on the Big Water fun of the Futaleufu in Southern Chile. Much fun was had by all as we paddled all the sections including Inferno Canyon, Terminator, Bridge to Bridge, Mas o Menas, Casa de Piedra and the Macal section.  


Road Trippin’ in NZ

Adam and I have been in New Zealand for about two months now. Living out of our trusty campervan.  Our general plan has been – no plan- which seems to have paid off most the time. Herding cows on the Toaroha


Sweet Winterday…

Today I was able to make 2 short runs on the Saalach River (class 4/5 classic run ) in Austria to check out my new Go Pro Cam. Still very cold in Austria, but you can already smell the spring 😀 !!! Entering the triple combo “S” bend at the exit of the triple combo …

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Team ‘Average Joe’ Pyranha’s grand day out

The plan emerged over the week. The Pyranha Sales Team would go paddling together on Saturday. After many considerations were taken it was decided the mighty Tryweryn in North Wales would be the river of choice. We also decided that the weekend would perfect to do some filming……


Holtwood whitewater park?

the first flow study group


Sun Burnin’

Breaking out the L Burn in sunny California.  This particular falls has a nice launch ledge just below the lip that never treats you the same twice.  Good to dial in that freefall for the springtime!  Photo by Alex Conheim

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