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The JED is coming !!!!

This year is shaping up to be one heck of a good year, we have three new boats to paddle and so many places to paddle them.  Right now I want to talk briefly about Pyranha’s NEW playboat the JED, I really like how fast, loose, and big this boat goes.  As Dave Fusilli has already said, and I will totally agree with, “I can’t believe that playboats can continue to get so much better,” but they are, trust me. After our time in Uganda testing the JED, I returned home to find the New River was at the perfect level for Surprise Wave. So as anyone with a sweet new boat would do, I rallied down to the New and got some more great surfing in on this very dynamic, surging, and steep wave.  The JED should be out soon and then we will do our best to list the details about the boat, but for now enjoy some footage from the prototype.

JED sends stout cleans