Liam Kirkham
Liam Kirkham
Nationality: British   Current Location: Devon, England    Kayaks: Burn, Everest, Z.One
Nationality: British
Location: Devon, England
Kayaks: Burn, Everest, Z.One

I work at AS Watersports in Devon, I spend a lot of my working life on the water introducing people to the sport. After dabbling in kayaking a couple times of year through the school holidays I really got into it when I decided to take a BTEC In outdoor Sports at Craven College in Skipton. I wasn't naturally gifted and didn't learn to roll for three years despite being a water baby. I think that's one of the reasons I have so much patience when teaching people to roll now. I remember how baffling it was. Regardless I had a lot of fun and all other hobbies fell to the sidelines.

I dabble in most areas of kayaking. Sit on Tops, Open boating, Touring etc. However my passion is white water. I think the reason I love it so much is due to three main components. 1. Being in the moment when dealing with rapids that push you. 2. The friends you make, some of my best friends and some of the most interesting people I have met are from kayaking. 3. The places you see. It gives you a great reason to visit other places at home or abroad. It's taken me all over the world to amazing places. What's really important about these three components is that they are open at ANY level of kayaking, so for those new to the sport, the fun begins now.


Right now my favourite kayak is the Everest I ended up borrowing my friend Craig Hermes Everest on my latest trip to America. I'd never paddled it before and was massively surprised how much I enjoyed it. I took it on the big and bouncy Middle Fork of The Salmon Idaho in high water and through the steep and deep delights of the Little White Salmon and it's a joy to paddle. So taken with it I then chose it above all others for my recent trip to Nepal.

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