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2013 – 3rd Degree BURN!!!!

It is finally DONE and almost here !!!!  I will do my best to fill you in as to what is new, different, and improved throughout the entire boat.  I am so excited for this boat to come out because myself along with David Fusilli had a lot of input to our designer Robert Peerson.  I can’t say enough about the final product; we achieved everything we were after.  This boat is faster, holds a better line, carves harder, boofs better, and looks better.  If you don’t like reading just watch the two videos below and if you are looking for a deeper read continue on….

OR Run down of the 2013 Burn

2013 Burn in Action !!!



Sexy New River Running Machine

Sexy New River Running Machine




Just me and you the Burn

I will start off with the improvements in its paddling performance and why.  The first thing that you will notice is that it is much faster because we added length.  This also makes the boat track better and increases control.  We also have a new rocker profile; adding speed and making it easier to boof. The boat boofed really well, and resurfaced with ease and in control.  The next big thing that you will notice is how it carves- we sharpened the edge in the front and slowly softened it all the way to the stern. This gives you precise control with forgiveness.  With an engaged stern and sharp forward edge this is a very forward driving boat.  The boat also rides a little higher because we added just a little bit of volume throughout the boat.  The first time you sit in it you will notice just how bad ass it looks, which brings me to the next subject:  Aesthetics

The entire deck is redesigned, giving it a new look on the water and adding control when resurfacing.  Also, in the design of the deck is an improved ergonomic fit for added control and comfort.  The 2013 Burn will also come with a newly designed seat that provides more comfort and a better fit, without increasing weight.  The next big thing is the seat adjustment.  Finally the seat will adjust without you losing any hair or turning you into an alcoholic; the seat now adjusts by loosening the screws and sliding the seat back and forth.  With an improved cockpit rim, skirt implosions will be a thing of the past.  Some other small tweaks are inset grab handles along with molded in inserts, keeping the boat much dryer.  After all is said and done, you just need to get in one and take it for a rip.

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