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Demshitz can fly with JED on Big Buseater Wave!

Look out JED is coming !!!!  Dave Fusilli called me up on Sunday last week and said, ” I got JED and Bus is in, you in?”  I replied, “pick me up!!!” This was my first experience with Buseater and it was in its true form, cold water, cold weather, and cold beer.  We had a great three days on it and we came back with some great photos and video.  I have a few photos here and I helped Dave with the video which should be dropping soon, and watch out, it’s hot fire!!

Craig's new best friends, JED and Bussy

Craig wondering how to warm up the water for his next ride. - photo Dave Fusilli

Clean JED

Demshitz clean with JED - photo Jake

JED flying on Buseater

Dave and JED flying in the air! - photo Jake

JED clean Bussy

Craig loves throwing his hands up when flying with JED! - photo Jake.

JED Flies

Craig bringing JED in for a landing. - photo Jake

This was my first session with JED and he is really fast, loose and loves to go big.  This is the first boat that I have paddled where I don’t have to worry about landing my tricks, it’s super forgiving when landing in any direction and really fast.  It has great forward and backward release for all the tricks and it’s allowing us to invent new ones.  Like I said before watch out the video will be dropping soon and it is HOT FIRE!!