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As my winter season is quickly coming to an end here at Alta Utah I am getting more and more fired up for the 2011 kayak season.  This is the end to a very epic year and the beginning of an even better one.  With Pyranha kayaks leading the charge in whitewater I can’t help, but be excited for what’s next.  Last year I was super stoked with our new boats.  The Burn I thought “how the hell could you make that boat better”?  Well, they did!  In that same season we came out with our new playboat; the Molan.  I cannot wait to get back in this boat!!  So excited!!  At first I was so fired up on how easy it was to do the tricks I knew.   Shortly after that I started trying moves I could not do so easily.  Those moves shortly became part of my bag of tricks.  Don’t forget about the river running playboat; the Varun.  I first test drove this whip at Gauley Fest.  I must be honest.  I’m not really the river running playboat type.  Usually I find them a bit sluggish, and just not as much fun for my personal style.  I was so surprised with this boat’s performance that I convinced Pyranha to let me take the only one they had in the country….. haha true story.  The boat was fast, and I was having a blast squirting every eddy line  down the Gauley.  Plus,  I could do everything I could do in my Molan!  The Varun is just a better river running kayak.  Home run I say.  So, things are looking great for this upcoming season.  I have every boat I could ask for and they all kick a$%.  New this year is the Loki.  I’m not going to feed you a bunch of crap saying this boat is best boat in the world, well, because I haven’t even paddled it yet.  I do know that it is more of an old school playboat.  It has long slicey ends, but with a new twist, which includes much better outfitting than your old prozone laying in the back yard and the speed of a modern day hull.  Some of you younger paddlers may be wondering what the hell we are making this long slicey boat for.  Well, I will tell you because people want it.  I challenge some of you out there to get in this boat and tell me it’s not a blast. Bet you can’t.  I am lucky enough to still be paddling as much as I can with my dad, Big Dave.  What comes with paddling with your dad other than hoping he will roll back up after missing a huge high brace……his friends.  What I’m saying is the older playboater and some younger ones want the length.  They want to easily bow stall, stern stall, squirt and have the speed to shred a two foot wave all day.  The Loki is the answer.

I will soon be back in the Pyranha van and back on the road.  This year is even more busy than before.  With a great group of paddlers making up our team I know we will have an even better year than the last.  From the local Pyranha paddler to the head of the office; Pyranha is a great group of people.  I will leave Alta on March 20th.  Drive straight to PA to pick up all my necessities for the kayak season.  Jersey Paddler will be my next stop, followed by a tour of the northeast.  I know most of you have started your season, but hold tight;  Team Pyranha is coming, and probably to a town near you.  Can’t wait to see you on the river!