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Demshitz loves BC

Update from the Demshitz Pyranha Van.  We just got back into the US after a short but fun filled tour in the wilds of BC.  We took a quick tour of BC, finding that a majority of the classic runs were to high but we were still able to get on a few good runs.  One of our major goals was getting to Skook and surfing Mr. Jed until our arms fell off, we didn’t succeed, we still have arms, but we did surf every minute available.

Pete’s meat glad to be done with the tour.

As it happens most days in the van, we usually don’t know where we will be living each night, which sometimes can be stressful looking for the right dirt road or parking lot but sometimes you hit the jackpot an find a perfect spot with a great view.  Here is one great spot that Demshitz found.

Demshitz about to cook dinner.

Before Heading to Skook Demshitz was on a mission to get some of the good BC had to offer but for the most part they were all to high, but we were lucky enough to get a few quick laps on the upper Cheak and a good park and huck called Britannia Creek, check out the photos.

Craig dropping into a sweet double drop.

The second drop, MP about to fly.

As Demshitz does, we went to one of the many lakes up in BC and sent some sweet rope swings, tree jumps, and just some good lake fun.

Demshitz loves it!

After a quick airport visit to pick up some fellow friends and a rally to make it on the ferry by 30 seconds, Demshitz was off to surf Skook.  This is one of my favorite places anywhere, I mean you get great camping, good lifestyling, great hike everyday, and the perfect wave everyday.  Demshitz loves Skook.

MP cleaning it up on Skook while Craig watches.

This year was even more special because we had Mr. Jed with us.  That boat was just to much fun, it did everything really well and was crazy fast, loose, and went big.  Now Demshitz will slowly move towards the east but stay tuned for more updates and videos soon to come your way. Special thanks to Amy for all of the great photos.  Until next time, you stay brown my friends.