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Dave Fusilli

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Name: David Fusilli
Date registered: January 3, 2012
Jabber / Google Talk: Team Pyranha

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  1. Gavin Jostad — April 26, 2023
  2. NFC 2021 — August 2, 2021
  3. Pyranha Ripper: Initial Thoughts — January 4, 2018
  4. Border Patrol — July 27, 2016
  5. Pyranha Welcomes the young gun Torryd Crew — July 5, 2016

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Gavin Jostad

This is really hard to write about at the moment, but I want to share my experience with one of the most motivated, talented, and incredibly nice humans that we lost 4 days ago.


NFC 2021

This is the best race that I go to. Over the years I have been to so many races and freestyle competitions, but NFC just stands out in the crowd. The energy of this event is just unmatched in my opinion. From the top of the ramp you can basically see the entire race course. …

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Pyranha Ripper: Initial Thoughts

This boat has literally changed the way I look at the river. To have the ability to dip the stern and either get vertical, or do a quick pivot turn, has transformed the river into an entirely different playground; the Ripper‘s design takes on the #FastIsFun ethos of the 9R, with the lower stern rocker …

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Border Patrol

Boundary Creek is a little bit of a mission. You have to paddle about 6K down a lake, then do a 3K hike up Boundary Creek to then paddle down the beautiful limestone gorge. The creeks path cuts in and out of the Montana, USA and Alberta, Canada hence the name Boundary Creek.


Pyranha Welcomes the young gun Torryd Crew

Who are the Torryd crew and what the hell does that mean? Trent McCrerey, Knox Hammack, and Edward Muggridge met up while attending the World Class Academy with the same goals of pushing their kayaking, and having fun doing it. Over the years they have been able to meet up and kayak in some incredible …

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FREE Demshitz Video Boating Waterfall Clinic

Paddler: Dave Fusilli Photo:  Aniol Serrasolses Come one come all.  We will have boats to demo and skills to pass along!  See you on the water! Demshitz Day with Alder Creek! What:  FREE Video and Waterfall Clinic with the Pros! When:  April 5th  11AM-3PM Easter Sunday Where: Sunset Falls Park on the East Fork Lewis …

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Kyle Hull the 9R

I have had the pleasure to paddle a variety of kayaks in my years of paddling.  I have really liked some of them, and others where just ok.  Then there are the kayaks you just know are good from the very first moment you take a seat in it. The new Pyranha 9R falls into …

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The long Road to recovery, heeling, resting and enjoying the simpler times. By: Kyle Hull

The long Road to recovery The weeks after a serious injury are definitely the most interesting. After months of P.T, sitting around, and reading countless books, when the Doc finally gives you the green light you are more than ready to get up and go. When I broke my Tibia plateau in 4 spots and …

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2014 Green Race… words from Rowan Stuart on her first Green race and a good look at the 9R

(Pre-Race Thoughts by Rowan Stuart): The Green Race. The biggest show in sports. First weekend of November every year for the past 19 years. Photo:  Renee Bombardier My brain can’t decide if I’m more stoked or more terrified. It will be my first year to race, and it snowed between two and four inches here …

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Demshitz fires up the Upper Gauley on the Pyranha Fusion Sit on top

The Fusion SOT is a boat that you can jump on and have a blast right away, no matter if you are a complete beginner or seriously experienced.The new Fusion SOT combines the forgiving hull of the proven Fusion crossover kayak with an open design that will appeal to paddlers who prefer the simplicity of …

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