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2013 – 3rd Degree BURN!!!!

It is finally DONE and almost here !!!!  I will do my best to fill you in as to what is new, different, and improved throughout the entire boat.  I am so excited for this boat to come out because myself along with David Fusilli had a lot of input to our designer Robert Peerson. …

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Surprise Wave

Checkin in here is some footage of Surprise wave on the New.  CLICK HERE


Video wave surfing the 2010 Pyranha Molan!

Well, here ya go the Molan is faster, looser, releases easier, lands switch (backwards) better, and is more comfortable than any playboat I have been in….. this is no joke!   Also the boat wraps your thighs way better than pervious boats which is adding much more control….. if your into that type of thing? …

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