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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Welsh Gold — December 27, 2012
  2. How do we rationalise what we do and how does this matter to our skills set? — December 1, 2012
  3. Himalayan rivers – Ilam, Nepal. — August 6, 2012
  4. 8848 — May 2, 2012
  5. Riding the tears of Everest. — April 12, 2012

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Welsh Gold

The exposed mine shaft to the right of the gushing torrent draws heavy on the eye. Hidden deep within this mine pure gold, true Welsh gold and a royal favourite. The fall, a large stepped affair, sits to separate the classic upper and lower Mawddach in Coed y Brenin, Wales Its splendour enticing generations of …

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How do we rationalise what we do and how does this matter to our skills set?

Perhaps some answers to questions you never asked? On a personal level I have kayaked hard white water for over a decade. On a commercial level standards and expectations are so much different now that when I started paddling. For the purpose of this essay it is the former that I will examine again with …

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Himalayan rivers – Ilam, Nepal.

The monsoon rains have kept flowing, but the break in the sky shows us the amazing views from the small town of Ilam. All tea fields flowing across the eye line, in the flow below, the clear river cuts a path all the way to the highway. Pure Land Expeditions In association with Nara, Rafting …

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The expedition to paddle solo down the rivers that flow from Everest is now over, the ghost in the machine now at rest. Those that wish to hear about the expedition, are welcome make a trip to one of these two special dates. Where Darren will be discussing the trip. Other dates will be made …

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Riding the tears of Everest.

Riding the tears of Everest.   Its dark now, the sun had gone home for the night, Rapids run and labour won, In the crashing flow I had to fight, To welcome the love I wanted to flow, For me alone I paddle along, In Everests shadow the flowing rivers, Gave me memories where I …

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The 2012 Lecture series takes off with a trip to Explorers Connect.

  Plymouth Explorers – 1st February 2012 1st Feb 2012 Venue: Treasury Café-Bar-Restaurant, Catherine Street, Royal Parade Entry: £4 (or £15 pa) Event The evening will be very interesting with a topic that hasn’t been explored yet! Our guest speaker Daz is planning to Kayak down Everest, a challenge that should not be undertaken lightly. …

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Welsh River Running

For UK boaters the Afon Conway is a classic river. It is the place many spend unsure first steps. The guidebook splits it in 3 obvious section, upper – middle – lower, the latter featuring the Fairy Glen. Above the upper section, falling from the moorland we find the section that is hidden from view. …

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Chasing Rainbows

Rivers come and rivers go, one eddy flows to the next wave – we make our choices and move on. Never stopping, restless and awaiting. It is the drive to go with the river that takes us to its heart – moving us onwards to its end. Dirty and dusty after over night bus rides, …

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High Mountains and Blue Water

Time and again I return to the rivers of Nepal. Time and again to venture to the blue water and high mountain vistas. Now Nepal has become a second home with both personal trips and guiding becoming a daily event. ( & Myself and Slime (Peter Knowles) have just finished the Third Edition of …

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A memory for my youth.

Stories and articles about kayaking drops can fall short of getting to the feelings and depth of emotion. The calculated risk, the dynamic assessments we make, these cannot be from the heart. It is my personal view that the heart matters. For me, for the ride – this inner being more than anything is why …

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