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Pyranha Firecracker Review by 4Corners Riversports Athlete, Jack Juntunen

Short & Sweet. The Pyranha Firecracker is a blast on the water. It can shred slicing on Class III, plug spicy holes on Class IV, and launch huge kickflips off any wave. I’ve paddled it on the legendary Futaleufu and Upper Palguin in Chile, and the slicey section of the Soča in Slovenia.

For reference, I am 5’9 ~130lbs and I’m paddling the Firecracker 232. I have paddled a Ripper 1 S and Ripper 2 S extensively, and have a slalom and racing background.

Creeking & Slicing

Photo by Max Zuberbulher

The stern on this boat is designed with fun in mind. On flatwater, I get it in a stern stall with a singular double pump. On small seams and boily water, it can easily stern squirt in circles with minimal paddler input, the stern is short enough that it doesn’t stern tap as frequently as boats like the Ripper 1 or 2 in shallow creeks. One well-timed back sweep on a seam instantly gets the bow up.

While creeking, the bow of this boat stays nice and dry. It has more rocker than an Antix 2.0 but is stubbier than a Ripper and can loop relatively easily out of a hole. The wave deflectors shed water off the deck quite effectively, and landing a boof off a short (~4’) drop like the double drop on the Upper Palguin really lets its light and nimble benefits come to fruition.

Big Water

POV from Jack Juntunen

This boat is short, yet it holds hull speed through boils remarkably well, and with one powerful stroke you can easily kickflip. Paddling it through the formidable Inferno Canyon was the ultimate test, and required a different style of paddling by punching right through the holes bigger than you might expect. The Firecracker’s speed and stability allow you to really focus on stroke timing to absolutely launch it off waves.


Photo by Jack Juntunen

The Firecracker has the Pyranha Stout 2 Outfitting. The molded yet wide seat, combined with an ergonomic ratchet backband and well-placed, adjustable thigh hooks, makes the boat comfortable and take drops well.

Thanks to 4Corners Riversports for sharing this post with us!