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A memory for my youth.

Stories and articles about kayaking drops can fall short of getting to the feelings and depth of emotion. The calculated risk, the dynamic assessments we make, these cannot be from the heart.

It is my personal view that the heart matters. For me, for the ride – this inner being more than anything is why we push ourselves.

The place of magic – the place of bijou- is on the edge, the thin chance – the moment that is passed before it arrives. The moment that you have planned for in the sleepless nights. The moment of no return, no second thoughts – no second chances. For those that have the ability to think in this way our natural world will hold spells beyond belief, it will hold you in its charm and welcome you for the ride.

Last week was a time I ran Llanberis falls in North Wales, A fall I had wanted to do since my youth. Read more and see the film and images via and find the blog, you know you want to.