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High Mountains and Blue Water

Time and again I return to the rivers of Nepal. Time and again to venture to the blue water and high mountain vistas. Now Nepal has become a second home with both personal trips and guiding becoming a daily event. ( & Myself and Slime (Peter Knowles) have just finished the Third Edition of White Water Nepal, which is due to hit the shops in a matter of weeks and we hope to have a launch party in Kathmandu.

If your in Nepal, it will be great to see you, if your thinking of a new adventure perhaps you should visit this natural playground.

We had a large and late monsoon this year and the rivers were high, making the normal 9 days of the Sun Kosi become 5. Things have settled now and the surf waves and rock slaloms of the Bhote Kosi, Balephi Khola and Madi Khola are so enticing. Sand beaches and clear nights making camping some of the best in the world. Venture away from the classic runs and the world opens up, peace, lesser known runs and much more.

The Shangra Kola has still not fallen to the dam builders, so paddle it now whilst you still can. The Maiwa, Myagdi or Budhi Ganga still don’t see many paddlers. Nepal has so much to offer and with new roads and trails access is getting easier.

See you in the flow