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Chasing Rainbows

Rivers come and rivers go, one eddy flows to the next wave – we make our choices and move on. Never stopping, restless and awaiting. It is the drive to go with the river that takes us to its heart – moving us onwards to its end.

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Dirty and dusty after over night bus rides, sand in our eyes and hair from our beach beds. Pokhara with blue sky and ice white peaks hides a lesser classic run. Many will have heard tales about descents of the Bhote, Sun or Tamba kosi. Stories and tales from the Humla and Arun are also spoken of around camp fires but the polished rock and clear water of the ’secret’ Burundi Khola falls are seldom whispered.

Away from the street hawkers and close enough to town for a days paddle,a side diversion of the Modi Khola. Perfect falls and detailed environmental formations enclose us, a magical landscape. The falls are now accessible by road, one of the new roads interlocking the villages, its a bump and scrape of a ride but the joy of the fall is just around the corner. That moment when nothing matters and everything is still and in focus.