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Your ReactR and Elite Outfitting Questions Answered

Damn! We don’t think we’ve ever seen such an immediately overwhelming response to a new release… thank you so much for all the love and interest in the ReactR and the Elite Outfitting System it features!

We’ve noticed a few common questions about both, and you’ll find the answers to many of those in our deep dives, and the ReactR and Elite Outfitting walkthrough videos, which you can find below:

Embrace the new era of whitewater kayaking. The most progressive creek boat to hit the rapids since the 9R, the ReactR is here: Read ‘ReactR: A New Era of Whitewater Kayaking’

We didn’t just go back to the drawing board with our outfitting redesign; we built it again, from the hull up: Read ‘This Outfitting is Elite’

About to jump on the river and want the answers to the most frequently asked questions right now? Here you go:

Does the ReactR feature new outfitting?

Yes, the ReactR comes with our new Elite outfitting system, which has been redesigned from the hull up. This is a complete overhaul, reducing the overall boat weight (it’s a bigger boat than the Scorch, but lighter), markedly improving both comfort and connection to the boat, and adding to the ease and range of adjustment, all without compromising on safety, durability, or cost.

How reliable are the backrest cleats?

We’ve done extensive development and testing to ensure our new backrest system retains all the pros of a cleat system, adds more to the list, and negates the downfalls seen in other cleat-based systems. Our system uses high-strength Dyneema cord and high-quality aluminium racing cleats, both of which have excellent longevity and work together reliably. We’re excited for you to discover and enjoy the benefits of this setup!

Does Elite outfitting include hookers?

Yes, and what’s more, these ones have 3-way adjustment for leg angle, amount of grip, and the usual forward/backward adjustment.

How has the seat adjustment changed?

Seat height is still adjusted by adding shims under the seat pad, but the forwards/backwards adjustment is now done by removing a single wingnut, quickly sliding the seat to where you want it, and then replacing it.

What’s the knee-padding situation?

The ReactR thigh grips have oversized pads which adjust with them and cover your knee.

Will the Elite outfitting system be coming to any other current models?

The only model we plan to fit Elite outfitting to other than the ReactR at the moment would be the GuiGui x Pyranha freestyle boat which is still in development.

Can I fit Elite outfitting to my current Pyranha boat?

No, the Elite outfitting is not backwards compatible due to the necessary cockpit rim features and method of hull stiffener attachment.

Has the cockpit rim shape changed?

The outside shape of the ReactR’s cockpit rim is similar to the Firecracker’s, which we worked on in partnership with leading spraydeck manufacturers, but the inside has several changes related to the fitment of the new Elite outfitting system, and in particular, a deepening and padding of the area of the cockpit rim that rests on your shoulders/against your hip during carrying.

When can we expect to see the Medium/Large/Small ReactR?

The Medium and Large are in production now, with the Small next in line to be cut. Availability thereafter will depend on geographic location, but they’re on the way!

How does the ReactR compare to the Scorch?

The ReactR is more dynamic and manoeuvrable, particularly with the looseness of the ends of the boat with the ability to do a “low angle pivot turn”. The additional width profile also allows paddlers to skip further, and faster, than ever before.

How does it compare to 9R/9R II?

The ReactR is faster through steep rapids, much more manoeuvrable (and at a wider range of speeds),  and has way more creeking capability. It also skips out of features faster, with the paddler having more control.

How much rocker does the ReactR have?

It’s hard to compare this to other boats, as the radical new hull design (our “Pivot Hull Philosophy”) doesn’t just seek to keep the boat high by adding a bunch of rocker at the bow, or to get the stern out the way with aggressive kick rocker, but the ReactR certainly rides dry and clears the lip of drops cleanly!

What length is the ReactR?

The Large is just under 9ft (274cm, to be precise), and the Medium just a touch shorter than that at 273cm.

Is the ReactR suitable for beginner/intermediate paddlers?

Absolutely! The same features that help the pros step up their game will help beginners and intermediates do the same. While the ReactR opens up the possibilities for developing new moves, it also makes the familiar ones easier to access. Its manoeuvrability is also a neat Get Out of Jail Free card if you realise you’ve picked the wrong line!

How does the sizing compare to other Pyranha boats?

We noticed the trend of paddlers sizing up in both creek boats and half slices, and so we took this into account when designing the ReactR, meaning each size is a little more generous, but still works well across the advisory weight ranges.

What are the weight ranges?

Medium: 70 to 95kg, Large: approx. 85 to 125kg (TBC), Small: TBC

How easy is it to access the stern, and how much gear can you get back there?

We’ve changed the connection between the backrest and seat so that it can be completely unclipped, and with the lower back edge of the Elite seat, it’s easy to get a two-piece split paddle and/or the typical size of dry bag for other gear back there.

How capable is it as a creek boat or half slice?

The ReactR is not a half (or any fraction) slice; it is a full-fat creek boat, just with agility and an overall design unlike any that has come before.

Happy paddling!