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Dear Diary, Part 1: Curve-Boulders

A couple of months ago I went to Nepal to paddle the Humla Karnali and wow, what a river it is! I have to say though, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many curveballs thrown at me on a trip, mostly in the shape of giant boulders…


Mission: Improbable (Thuli Bheri)

I can’t say that I really went to Nepal with a plan. I knew that I was going for just over two months; I knew there were a lot of bus rides; I knew I wanted to go kayaking and I knew, deep down, that I really, really wanted to run the Thuli Bheri…


Interesting times in Nepal

  As Rory Woods, Lee Royle and myself were about to travel from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to fly into the Thuli Bheri the earthquake hit.  There was total panic as buildings fell down around us.  Communications were down so it wasn’t until we got internet in Nepalgunj that we realised the scale of the disaster. …

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Humla Karnali – 2015

The Humla district in the west of Nepal is one of the highest and most remote in Nepal.  Getting there ether involves a nine day walk from the nearest road, or a flight landing onto a short, sloping runway in Simikot.   Many pilgrims travel through Simikot on their journey to Mt. Kailash. However, we were …

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Himalayan rivers – Ilam, Nepal.

The monsoon rains have kept flowing, but the break in the sky shows us the amazing views from the small town of Ilam. All tea fields flowing across the eye line, in the flow below, the clear river cuts a path all the way to the highway. Pure Land Expeditions In association with Nara, Rafting …

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High Mountains and Blue Water

Time and again I return to the rivers of Nepal. Time and again to venture to the blue water and high mountain vistas. Now Nepal has become a second home with both personal trips and guiding becoming a daily event. ( & Myself and Slime (Peter Knowles) have just finished the Third Edition of …

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Beating the Banda’s (aka. New Year in Nepal)

The first word that everyone learns upon arrival in Nepal is the ubiquitous greeting “Namaste”. Our trip however was to be different. The first word we learned was “Banda”. Banda is the Nepali word for a strike. These strikes aren’t quite the same as you’d get back home, where a line of disgruntled workers stand at a factory gate, they are much …

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