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Fun on the Futaleufu.

Two days ago I came back from a ten day trip guiding for on the Big Water fun of the Futaleufu in Southern Chile. Much fun was had by all as we paddled all the sections including Inferno Canyon, Terminator, Bridge to Bridge, Mas o Menas, Casa de Piedra and the Macal section.

Mundaka Hole.


Entrada on Bridge to Bridge

Dave Hollins Mundaka Hole. Good Karma line !

Fran Kohn boating in shorty cag in the rain. Hardcore.

Salida on Inferno Canyon.

Cara Del Indio - Face of the Indian


Fun on the Futa


A few days previously to the futa trip I met up with a couple of friends from the UK and we did a day trip to the Fuy! ( pronounced FWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!)

Fran on the Fuy


Photos thanks to Pamina, Christiano, Katie, Dave, Tzak, Naomi and Me

Fran Kohn