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Team ‘Average Joe’ Pyranha’s grand day out

The plan emerged over the week. The Pyranha Sales Team would go paddling together on Saturday. After many considerations were taken it was decided the mighty Tryweryn in North Wales would be the river of choice. We also decided that the weekend would perfect to do some filming……

A drive through North Wales to the river told a story of rain…lots. In fact North Wales had something of soggy look, lots of water in the fields, the rivers would be high.  In fact the Lower Tryweryn was running very high indeed, higher than I’d ever seen it despite the actual low level of the dam release.  The rain was lashing down, it was not great weather for filming. Hey ho.. we went boating.

In honesty we were all a bit rusty but after a couple of runs I think we all became a little happier with ourselves. Jim Pearce was showing some lovely boofing work in the Z:One, Liz Maybury was looking good in her Burn Medium, Dave Cusick was squirting and boofing his way down the river in a Varun M as was honorary team member Steve Sale. I was doing my wobbly best in the fantastic 2010 Burn M.

Highlight of the day was Dave getting two runs down a little trib that doesn’t normally run but with the monsoon hitting North Wales was in full flow.

So in the end it wasn’t a great day for filming but we did get some nice boating done. Nice one.

Tim ‘Average Joe’ Lambert