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Second descent of the Las Truchas

Las Truchas river lies in the upper reaches of the Nuble River valley in region VIII of Chile.  The first descent was completed in 2007, and the second and third descents in 2010.   Due to its remote location it is off the radar of most kayaking trips done in Chile. However it is with out a doubt one of the best multi-day river trips in the country.   Our trip started with a run down Las Sauces river, the main tributary to the Nuble.  We camped that night at the confluence expecting the arrival of the cowboys who would transport our boats and gear to the put-in of the Las Truchas.

Loaded and on the way

After one full day of hiking we arrived at the put-in to rest for the night looking forward to the next day.

near the put-in

For me it does not get any better than waking up loading my boat knowing all I need to do for the day is kayak.  The river was at a perfect level for 7 hours of boulder garden boofing!





Although the logistics for this run seem difficult it could not be any easier for such a high quality multi-day trip.  The unfortunate reality is that construction has already begun on one of two dams threatening the Nuble River.   Like many rivers in Chile once completed the landscape will be  changed forever.

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