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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Iced weekend — March 21, 2013
  2. Park and Huck session with first snow melt — March 11, 2013
  3. Austrian authum — November 27, 2012
  4. Some Videomaterial i havent used the last 2 years .. — October 25, 2012
  5. Malta River — September 6, 2012

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Iced weekend

It is always a good choice to go to the Salza valley for Kayaking. In sping you have huge Slides and drops on some tributaries. But in winter you can join the beautiful landscape of the gorges on the Salza River.   Sandra, Corinna, Robert, Max and Matthi enjoing a cold morning run on the …

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Park and Huck session with first snow melt

What better to do on a Friday evening than to do a short afterwork run on a waterfall. Location Taugl river / Austria Top view. Pic by Daniel Egger   a must boof at this waterlevels, otherwise you will find yourself in the eddy beside the falls. Shiva sticking the line . pic: Sandra Jennifer Plank


Austrian authum

So.. still no snow in the austrian alps. But waterlevels are quite low. But we are lucky to have some park and huck spots around that we can paddle vertical meters, also with low water.   Very clean drop. Hucking down the Shiva :)           Pic: Daniel Egger   Another sweet pic from the Stromboding Waterfall. …

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Some Videomaterial i havent used the last 2 years ..

Rivers from Austria, Italy, Mexico .. Some more of 2011 and 2012 from Robert Machacek on Vimeo.


Malta River

Usaually the Malte River in South Austria has no water, because there is a huge damn. In beginnig of August we had the chance to do some Park and Huck… We didnt had enough warter to do the biggest drops.. but it has been a great day !!! nice drop on the Malta. Pic by …

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Early Spring in Austria

This Spring was really great, after a few weeks in Mexico in December, I could not think of stop paddling in the Winter, so we really did good Kayaking the whole winter througe.. except 2 Week where we had -25 ° C. That is a short Clip of the best runs from JAnuary to March …

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Yeah yeah yeah .. water rising in Austria !!!!

Still very cold, but some rain made the first good creeks flow. Had great days on the water. Probably would have been easier with a Snowboard or ice climbing equiptment but was awesome .. Big Boof with the Shiva on the “No Brainer rapid”     1st D of Langbathseebach    Pic: Daniel Egger   Ice …

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Some more Pics from Rio Oro and Mexico

Here are some more of my favourite Pics from Our Mexico Trip in December…. World Class Whitewater on the Big banana Section of the Alseseca River !!   Shortly bevor I brole my paddle on my helmet . Had to hike out of the valley for good one hour, because we didnt had a splitpaddle …

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Veracruz / Mexico Part 1

This year we spent 3 weeks in Mexico in the winter, to escape all the snow in austria. Some rivers have been to low, some others may to high, but anyway we had great fun on and outside of the rivers. Is there a better place to test my new SHIVA then on the mexican …

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Rissbach-meeting 2011

Yesterday was the legendary Rissbach-gorge meeting in Tirol/Austria. The event is every year and is organized by the alpine Kayak Club And like all the past Years the class 5 Section with severall undercuts was perfectly saved ! Thanks to them !!

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