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This Outfitting is Elite

Moving on from what we strongly felt was a solid outfitting system that didn’t compromise on safety, weight, cost, or durability was hard, but we heard your feedback, and we’re excited that we’ve managed to hit a number of your key requests, whilst still avoiding compromise on those crucial points.

We didn’t just go back to the drawing board with our outfitting redesign; we built it again, from the hull up. Featured in the ReactR, the new Elite outfitting system provides the widest range of paddlers yet with ultimate comfort and control.

Solid, Speedy Seat Position Adjustment

You can now adjust the ergonomic seat forwards and backwards in a matter of seconds, without tools, to find the perfect centre of gravity to suit your unique style and loadout.

3-Way Adjustable Hooker Thigh Grips

The adjustable thigh grips are a game-changing feature, with three-way adjustment that accommodates a range of leg angles and allows for your choice of grip, as well as the usual forward/backward adjustment. Choose the position, angle, and hold for your legs to experience our most responsive, precision fit yet, and enjoy the comfort of the oversized pads that extend over your knees and move with the thigh grips.

Rapid, Reliable Backrest Adjustment

The backrest adjustment features high-grade aluminium racing cleats with an internal pulley to redirect the direction of pull towards the paddler, so your back forms a concave rather than convex arch when tightening for a better fit. This also makes it easier to lock off the cleats, as your arms aren’t at full stretch or fighting the curve of the cockpit rim when doing so.

The system gives a 2:1 mechanical advantage for ease of getting a snug fit and uses a thick Dyneema cord for reliable durability and a secure fit in the cleats. If the worst does happen, you can easily replace the backrest cord in the field, wherever your adventures have taken you.

As well as being wider, which gives you better contact and control, with no gap in comfort between it and the hip pads, the backrest is shallower, which means you can get better placement in the small of your back, with a greater range of adjustment up and down using the height adjustment strap and backrest bungees.

Extreme Comfort

Hip pads with flexible adjustment options in both position and fit, as well as simple, solid seat height adjustment using foam shims, mean you can fully customize your seat. The backrest is also wider and won’t pinch, and along with the seat liner, features entirely new padding that is more comfortable than you ever thought possible!

Easy Access Stern Storage

A lower rise at the back of the seat, and a height adjustment strap that completely detaches, mean that you can also easily access the back of the kayak for storing rescue equipment, camera gear, or overnight kit.

Ergonomic Cockpit Design

Along with the familiar essentials such as an adjustable bulkhead footrest, airbag lash points, quick-access throwline attachment point, and bottle holder, the intuitive cockpit design contributes to a system that maximises your control, enabling you to get the most from this progressive hull design.

No More Sore Shoulders

You’ll be pleased to hear we also made carrying WAY more comfortable by adding more depth to the internal edge of the cockpit rim and adding pads that rest on your shoulder and hip, whichever side you carry your boat—so get ready to go explore those hike-in/hike-out runs!

An Eye on Sustainability

Last but by no means least, reimagining our outfitting offered the perfect opportunity to review its lifecycle, and we’ve paid careful attention to ensuring Elite outfitting can easily be disassembled and recycled at the end of its life.

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