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Nascar Racing with Plastic Kayaks: Finn Blackburn’s Road to Team USA.

[Finn] borrowed the boat and duct-taped it between each run. He borrowed the skirt, the paddle, the PFD, and the helmet. He began to learn how a man-made course felt, and how the gates worked. He didn’t win. He rolled and he swam. The new kid just kept showing up. He didn’t finish last, but he was nowhere near first in his 20-year-old sinking boat. 


CIWW Paddlefest

Springtime in Cardiff is always an exciting time of the year as it’s the date for the CIWW Paddle Fest…


Rip-R Evo: Phase 2

At Pyranha, we have put more work into the evolution of the next Evo than any kayak in our 52-year history; while our competitors were trying to match the performance of the original Rip-R Evo, we were setting the bar even higher…


Kayak cross – Kamenice, Labe

I started new seson with two kayak cross in Czech republic. After winter we don´t have so much water in the rivers. But we had two competition, where the water flows from dam. The firts one was Kamenice. I was on the second place in my category. We paddleed upper Kamenice too. It was cool …

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