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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. To Machno or to 9R? Tough Choices Creek Boat Review — June 21, 2018
  2. White Salmon ‘Get The Girls Out’ — May 11, 2016
  3. Get The Girls Out!! (White Salmon edition!) — April 20, 2016
  4. 9R – She Be Lovin’ It! — January 3, 2016
  5. Tamur with Pat – Nepal River Trip #1 — January 15, 2015

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To Machno or to 9R? Tough Choices Creek Boat Review

While neither the 9R nor the Machno are new to the creek boating and river running scene, it wasn’t until just recently that I was able to use each of them extensively on various styles of whitewater. Overall, I would happily take either on any style of river run. They do have some fundamental differences and compliment …

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White Salmon ‘Get The Girls Out’

Thanks for the edit Ali Casas Zaragozas!!! The White Salmon area in Washington is undoubtedly one of the best kayaking hubs on earth, attracting paddlers worldwide of all ability levels.  The number of quality rivers and the diversity of whitewater is incredible, but what really makes this place so special is the paddling community.  There …

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Get The Girls Out!! (White Salmon edition!)

Calling out all the girls in the Pacific Northwest for a fun day of kayaking on the White Salmon River in Washington!!  If you’re not in the PNW… Well, it’s not too late to buy a plane ticket!! There’s a misprint in the flier, so don’t go to Alyeska!!  Read these details.. & check out …

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9R – She Be Lovin’ It!

The 9R is without a doubt the most fun and dynamic kayak I’ve ever paddled. I am not great at looking at a kayak’s design and immediately understanding how it will behave in whitewater, so after seeing footage and hearing that the 9R was designed to be a fast boat, I assumed speed would come with a …

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Tamur with Pat – Nepal River Trip #1

Way back in 2014, I spent six weeks in Nepal; a country that has been on my ‘hit list’ for countless years.  Arriving before the rest of our buddies, Erik Johnson and I signed up for a Tamur river trip with Pat O’Keefe and Ultimate Descents.  I didn’t know much about the trip, but a …

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Norway – Classics, Seldom Seen Multi-Days, & Girls

  After reading the latest blog Pyranha blog regarding the insufficient number of female brand ambassadors, I again realized just how lucky I was to have spent the last month not only in Norway, but on a girl-dominated road trip.   Paddling classic day-stretches and two incredibly scenic multi-days, we spent most of our trip in Northern …

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Why I love the New Burn… and What’s the Dang Difference Anyways

There she is – Above = New 3rd Gen Burn….. Below = Well-loved 2nd Gen Burn     I paddled Pyranha’s 2nd edition Burn for years and loved it.  It was my go-to kayak and I didn’t ever want to try anything else.  So, when I heard Pyranha was re-vamping my beloved Burn, I was …

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The Bavarian Waters of Leavenworth, WA

Photo- Taken by Miguel Shield – Monkey Cage – Top Tye With the rivers running low in the gorge and a couple of days off of work, I took the 3.5 hour trek north with Nick Murphy and Erik Johnson to check out the rivers in Leavenworth, WA.  There we met up with Demshitz (Dave …

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Then We Left Pucon…Chile continued…

Photo – Sergio Vidal After the holiday season, the sun emerged, people flooded Pucon, and Jakub and I decided to pack up and head South out of the siphon.  We did not anticipate returning to Futaleufu, but after hitting up some creeks along the way, that’s where we found ourselves and happily spent the last …

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Top 10 Pucon

It’s become common knowledge that Pucon, Chile is a prime whitewater kayaking destination .  Here’s my opinionated list of the top ten things to do while visiting Pucon with photos to prove that although it’s just my opinion, atleast I am basing it off of prior experience.

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