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Tamur with Pat – Nepal River Trip #1


Way back in 2014, I spent six weeks in Nepal; a country that has been on my ‘hit list’ for countless years.  Arriving before the rest of our buddies, Erik Johnson and I signed up for a Tamur river trip with Pat O’Keefe and Ultimate Descents.  I didn’t know much about the trip, but a raft supported river overnighter sounded pretty awesome… and it was.

Photo - Pat O'Keefe

Photo – Pat O’Keefe

The crew at the start of the hike – 20 kayakers, 10 rafters, 12 guides (I made these numbers up, but I think they’re close enough…plenty of good people from all over the map)

You can read more about my trip, but if you don’t like reading, you should probably watch this cool video Nicholas Price filmed and edited… It probably does the trip more justice anyways!

IMG_2475 Pat’s incredible old-school kayak collection.  So many goodies to choose from.  (And, this isn’t even the complete collection)… He also has a bunch of Burns and other Pyranha boats!

IMG_2506 DSC01262 Hiking into the Tamur – 4 days!!  We had some rain, some clouds, some incredible sunsets, and epic mountain views.  We drank plenty of milk tea and camped in a welcoming village every night.

DSC01165 IMG_2530


IMG_2545 IMG_2547 IMG_2549

Reaching the put-in around noon, we walked our boats up through Dovan to run a short stretch and get wet before starting the trip the next day.  After days worth of plane flights, bus rides, and trekking, it was awesome to be in a kayak again.  The villagers watched and waved from the bridge as the kids ran up and down the banks.  It was my first experience of with Nepali riverside enthusiasm, which became a daily occurrence throughout the trip.


Dave Allemani guiding through the rapids (Photo: Patrick O’Keefe)

Pat’s photos are way better than any I took on the river, so I stole them off his facebook page.  We had 4 days of super fun Tamur whitewater with big waves, big holes, and minimal amounts of flatwater.   Day 5 we confluenced with the Sunkosi for a couple of big, wide wave trains before the river became hot, braided, and flat on it’s way to India.

Photo: Patrick O'Keefe

Chitra didn’t dumptruck anyone! (Photo – Pat O’Keefe)

Photo - Erik Johnson

Photo – Erik Johnson

Just another incredibly scenic lunch spot… complete with another delicious meal prepared by the guides.

Photo - Pat O'Keefe

Photo – Pat O’Keefe

Most, but not all of the guides.  These guys kill it!

IMG_2625Well, the Tamur was awesome.  I did not write much because rather than reading a trip report, you should probably just go for yourself- whether you’re a kayaker, rafter, or never even done any whitewater before.  It’s a fantastic adventure and Pat and the rest of the guides will ensure that you have a grand time!