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9R – She Be Lovin’ It!

The 9R is without a doubt the most fun and dynamic kayak I’ve ever paddled. I am not great at looking at a kayak’s design and immediately understanding how it will behave in whitewater, so after seeing footage and hearing that the 9R was designed to be a fast boat, I assumed speed would come with a …

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The 9R: So much more than a race boat.

When the 9R was released this spring, extreme racers flocked to the design to go big, go fast, and win races. The second I saw it, I knew I needed it, and when I sat in my friend’s, I immediately felt at home in the boat. I borrowed it for a run down my local …

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Snowdon Kayak Challenge Success!!

Just weeks after the success ofcompleting the biggest fundraising effort to date The Children’s Kayak Charitable Trust  celebrates getting into the record books!! The transportation of a 40lb 9R kayak to the summit of Mount Snowdon in Wales pushed our team of 13 volunteers to their limits and beyond…. they braved rough terrain and freezing temperatures to …

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9R Review

This boat is receiving a huge amount of attention for good reason! I live on the west coast on North America and there are only two boats that people are currently paddling or want to paddle. They are the 9R and the Tuna. Everything else has the same limitations. Ok, now I understand that a …

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Tsarap Chu – A Mildy Quick Decent

A phone call later and our planned commercial Zanskar multi day expeditions was cancelled. As always before any decision was made a mug of chi was needed. This allowed us time to take in surroundings and think. Daz Clarkson-King and me a long time holiday boater had a week before an IRF course based on …

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