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Chris Eastabrook

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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Surf’s Up — May 6, 2010
  2. Tyne Tour 09 — November 10, 2009
  3. It’s Hard being Georgian. Part 2. — October 2, 2009
  4. It’s Hard Being Georgian. Part 1 — September 22, 2009
  5. Verzasca — July 13, 2009

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Surf’s Up

Bank holiday weekend in the UK gives everyone an extra day off to go boating (or DIY or whatever!)  This time of year with the river’s drying up, many kayakers hit the surf looking for some power, speed and trashings.


Tyne Tour 09

The first weekend in November heralds the Tyne Tour in Hexham, North East England. The event is a big gathering of folks to descend the North Tyne and other local rivers depending on rainfall. On Saturday evening, there is a big Ceilidh, this is similar to what I imagine line dancing to be but heaps …

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It’s Hard being Georgian. Part 2.

We continued East towards the Enguri, which I’d heard a bit about. It was clear to see why it was labelled as such a big project and would be beyond our small team at this time of year. We paddled a couple of tributaries of this mighty river, the Nenskra & the Mestia, with completely …

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It’s Hard Being Georgian. Part 1

Matt Bostock & I have recently returned from Georgia (that’s the country not the state) having been on a short but intense expedition to discover what this mountainous country has to offer.



The Verzasca River, in Switzerland, is very good.  Tom & I caught it whilst having a few days off working in France & Slovenia and it was great!


New Zealand Video

It has only taken Tom 2 months since our return to buy a working laptop, load 5 hrs of footage on to and edit it into 8 minutes of fun! All of you state side, keep your eyes open for an appearance from your own Andy McMurray!  You have to love those over keen yanks! …

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Helicopters, Boating & Beers!

At school physical geography was one of my favourite subjects, partly because the textbook including large photos of snow capped mountains, deep gorges or flooding rivers and partly because I sat next to a hot girl! Over the past few years my kayaking adventures have taken me to parts of the world where I have …

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Escaping Winter!

Tom & I are about halfway through our tour around New Zealand.  We arrived in Auckland on New Years Day and have been steadily heading South since then following the water.  New Zealand has some world class kayaking and is such a chilled country.  We have hit some classic North Island runs, Murchison & the …

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Chai & Coruh

In July we went to Turkey and here is a short video from that trip. Turkey Chai and Coruh from Greg Chandler on Vimeo.


(No title)

For years now, rumours have been flying around about how great kayaking in Turkey is and how you have to go this year because of the series of dams being built. A group of friends and I headed out there for the first two weeks in July and turns out all of the above are …

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