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Helicopters, Boating & Beers!

At school physical geography was one of my favourite subjects, partly because the textbook including large photos of snow capped mountains, deep gorges or flooding rivers and partly because I sat next to a hot girl!


Over the past few years my kayaking adventures have taken me to parts of the world where I have been able to see nature up close but not in the sheer quality and quantity that I saw in New Zealand. The whole country is like a large walk-in textbook.

Every single river has its own beauty, with a snow capped mountainous back drop, granite boulder gorges and world quality white water for liquid satisfaction. The water was mostly steep and technical and perfect terrain for my Burn. The sharp edges gave me the tight turns for the narrow moves, its rocker the boof-ability to fly past large hydraulics and its volume to get me out of trouble

Over the 5 and ½ weeks I was out in New Zealand, Tom & I paddled many rivers with lots of really cool people, meeting folks at campsite, bars and just on the river. Thanks to them for beer, food and floor space!

Billiards Andy on the Hollyford

Beer!   Van at Sunset

Couple of the highlights would have to be the 2 day descent of the Whataroa, from Butler Creek. The 2nd day was completely unnecessary but gave us an excuse to fly 8l of wine into the middle of nowhere for a wilderness experience.


Arahura is a day of boofing your heart out one simple drops like Curtain Call, more complex loves at Billiards and big balls rapids like Cesspit. It’s just amazing. We got the Whitcombe on a big day; it created a real river opposed to a creek and some of the rapids had a big water feel to them. Was another brilliant day starting in a helicopter – the only way to travel!

The Hollyford in the Sounds is a long day out, with a mandatory portage of the last gorge, through dense bush. The paddlable gorges have some sweet moves and lots of trees! At the get out there are wooden cabins with fire places, giving a break from the sand flies!

Mauria Falls

For more photos click here and a more detailed trip report coming soon on