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For years now, rumours have been flying around about how great kayaking in Turkey is and how you have to go this year because of the series of dams being built. A group of friends and I headed out there for the first two weeks in July and turns out all of the above are true.

The Çoruh River, one 19hr bus and one 3hr bus away from the capital of Ankara, is in the most amazing valley. The white water starts off fairly easy and steadily picks up pace turning into a great river. Two sections of note are outside of the town of Ispir and downstream  of Yusufeli. The river gorges up for the first section with 6 good rapids, some very ‘new school’ with a big flare move in one and another with a good boulder boof. The second has some classic big volume lines and is all good fun despite some large holes!   

Çoruh River    Rapid near Ispir

The whole environment makes the rivers an ideal multi day trip, with good rapids, scenic valley and the friendliest people IÂ’ve ever meet.

Camping Time!    Coruh

This is not the only kayaking Turkey has to offer, including regions on the Black sea coast, the Eurphates and more rivers in the south in need of some exploring.


Bahal, Trib to Çoruh.

Some investigation work over a cup of chai in Yusufeli found that some of the lower sections of white water have already been lost and foundations for the next to flood Yusufeli had been started. The white water lost will be a complete shame, but even more upsetting will be the town itself will be lost. This is completely gutting as I instantly felt at home in this small town and desperately wanted to stay.

Turkey    k100d_-032.jpg

 Chances are you’ve heard it before but get out to Turkey in the next couple of years before it’s all lost, you won’t be disappointed!

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