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9R Review

This boat is receiving a huge amount of attention for good reason! I live on the west coast on North America and there are only two boats that people are currently paddling or want to paddle. They are the 9R and the Tuna. Everything else has the same limitations. Ok, now I understand that a …

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9R Review – More than just a race boat!

I was lucky enough to try the 9R prototype back in August and ever since have been in love with the boat. I have had the opportunity to try it in a number of different situations – steep creeks to big volume, river running to racing to expeditions, and it just keeps surprising me by …

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2013 – 3rd Degree BURN!!!!

It is finally DONE and almost here !!!!  I will do my best to fill you in as to what is new, different, and improved throughout the entire boat.  I am so excited for this boat to come out because myself along with David Fusilli had a lot of input to our designer Robert Peerson. …

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Loki Review – Kanu Magazine

Wir danken Ihnen, Kanu Magazin für den Prüfbericht.        


Loki Review – Rapid Magazine


Pyranha Nano Review

A few thoughts on the new Pyranha Nano. I will start off by admitting that I wasn’t convinced by the Nano initially. Not by the concept, or by the original prototype during testing. Terms like sport creeker and freeride boat sound a bit too much like an attempt to appeal to the skiing and mountain bike demographic, …

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