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Ok, so Team Pyranha love the 9R, but what about everyone else?

We recently received this review from a local SE boater, so happy to hear everyone is as stoked on this boat as we are!

Aggressive, Nimble and Stable… these are the 3 words that come to mind when I am asked what I think about Pyranha’s new boat the 9R. I have paddled a lot of boats in a lot of styles of water from big water waves, steep fast slides, and low water creeks. The 9R is my new choice of boat for any of these conditions.


I am a southeast class 4/5 boater, a weekend warrior and not sponsored. For reference I weigh 160lbs, I am 5’6” and have a size 9.5 shoe and the 9R fits me like a glove. I have owned the 9R for about 2 months now and have over 20 runs in it. This boat was my pick for my trip to Colorado In June and has also been my go to boat for local runs. From Upper East (CO), Daisy Creek (CO), Big Creek (NC), Green River (NC) to the Little River (TN) and Piney Creek (TN) this boat has seen it all.

Aggressive – The 9R is a fast narrow boat that wants to be driven. The more you put into this boat the more it gives back. At 8’ 11” this boat is long for a “short” boat and you can tell this in the speed of the boat. It drives over waves and through holes with ease. A few strokes and you are up to speed even in boiling water and funky eddy lines. Coming down slides the 9r is lighting fast, but very in control. You are able to pick your lines and stay on them.


Nimble – From catching eddies to must make moves or even holding a line for a killer boof the 9R can do it all. The sharper edges on the stern of the boat are great for driving into small eddies with ease. Using the speed of the boat and the stern edges you can make quick, tight moves through boulder gardens with little effort. Great for those go fast days down your local creek. The continuous rocker along with the speed of the 9R make it a boofing machine.

Stable – The 9R keeps the key figures of a displacement hull with soft edges up front to keep the boat very stable. The bow of this boat looks similar to Shiva and just as forgiving, but the stern flattens out with the sharper edges to give you the speed you need. In big water the 9R rides over boils and holes with no issues due to the new wave deflectors on the bow. These deflectors help push the water away from the bow and keep you riding high and dry.


A few last remarks on the boat’s outfitting, the C4S. Having the ability to change the rake of the seat is key to being locked in and having full control of your boat. The knee hooks and the narrower knee position make this boat very comfortable. Along with the standard foot rest and the ample foam that’s provided, outfitting this boat is a breeze.

Here are a few videos of the 9R in action:

Royal Gorge (CO)

Daisy Creek (CO)

Cheoah River (NC)

Upper East (CO)