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Demshitz News: Welcome Jonny Meyers to Team Pyranha!


Demshitz Jonny Meyers in the new small Molan at the Gunnison play park. In this entry  he wrote up an introduction and talked about his recovery from an extremely serious snowboarding accident. We are all super stoked to have him on the team and we are glad he is back in the boat. Get ready for an exciting year for team pyranha in the freestlye competitions the boat is perfect and the paddlers are fired up to paddle it. 



My name is Jonny Meyers and I currently reside in Gunnison, Cororado.  I have lived here for four and a half years and I am a student at Western State College pursuing a Spanish and Business degree.  I am 24 years old and have been kayaking for more than half my life.  This is my first season on Team Pyranha Kayaks and am proud to now be called a Demshit.  


After placing 6th at the 2009 World Freestyle Championships, had a savage snowboard accident, breaking five vertebrae in my back and both of my wrists.  My accident was definitely an eye opener for me, especially when thinking about the future in the sport that Im so passionate about.  The good news is, my doctor said that paddling will actually help my back heal as it is good for core strengthening and trunk rotation.  That is, as long as I don’t overdo myself.  In the last two and a half months, I’ve spent countless hours doing physical therapy at the gym, swimming laps and have logged over 15 days paddling on flat water.  


Today was my first day in the new Pyranha Molan and I am super stoked on its performance.  I took it down to the local whitewater park, and the river was at the highest flow all year.  In my opinion, the last feature in the Gunnison Whitewater Park is epic to say the least.  It is a fast, dynamic wave with a sweet left shoulder and fluffy foam pile.  The first thing that stood out for me was how loose the Molan is!  I was able to do super fast clean spins all day long.  I was also impressed on how fast the Molan is considering its short length.  I could blast of the left shoulder throwing big blunts and back stabs without problems.  It was definitely hard to refrain from trying all the tougher tricks like Helixes, Mcnasties and Loops, but the tricks that I was able to pull off where done with ease and on a very consistent basis.  After the first day in the new Molan, Im fired up with what Pyranha has created.  Im looking forward to getting even more dialed into the boat as I continue down my road to recovery. Here are a few photos from todays session, courtesy of Gabrielle Michna. 


Thanks Demshitz Jonny! Jonny’s profile will be up on the site soon, check back for more updates on his road to recovery and his kayaking.