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Graham Seiler

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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Day at Scudders with Demshitz Nation — October 7, 2010
  2. Creek Boating in PA — October 6, 2010
  3. Demshitz News: Welcome Jonny Meyers to Team Pyranha! — April 19, 2010
  4. Demshitz 1st stop Kill it tour : Appomattox Richmond VA — April 15, 2010
  5. Fall boating in PA — November 2, 2009

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Day at Scudders with Demshitz Nation

I decided to go to scudders falls which is the closest playspot to my house and see if the hole was still okay even after the rain. The level was almost too high for the main wave and staying in the feature was tricky. Despite the level it turned out to be a sweet day …

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Creek Boating in PA

Creek Boating in PA This is an edit I did with the little bit of footage we had from the past weekend in the delaware water gap. We didn’t video much but there were many browns after the area was hit with some much needed rain. On one of the days the goliath drop on …

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Demshitz News: Welcome Jonny Meyers to Team Pyranha!

  Demshitz Jonny Meyers in the new small Molan at the Gunnison play park. In this entry  he wrote up an introduction and talked about his recovery from an extremely serious snowboarding accident. We are all super stoked to have him on the team and we are glad he is back in the boat. Get …

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Demshitz 1st stop Kill it tour : Appomattox Richmond VA

Spring is here and  Demshitz has reunited to start off the Kill it tour 2010. Our first stop was a delivery and demo at Appomattox in Richmond VA . We had a great day on Saturday on the James river hitting up the playspots with some local paddlers in the new boats.


Fall boating in PA

Raymondskill Falls   So while the rest of demshitz is either in south america running stouts or north carolina training for the green race I am stuck in Pennsylvania. To my luck it rained enough to bring up some steep creeks that i have been running since i started creek boating.  Davids Falls randy youngbuck …

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Raquette and Beaver Weekend 09

Throwing out the Brown Claw on The Raquette river in upstate New York. Patrick Rogers photo…tons of photos can be found from the weekend at Thanks Patrick!  


Middle Palguin and Rio Agrio

 Trying to get left on the big un’. The boils were stout I ended up melting into the hyrup 



Demshitz are wrapping up our Colorado tour. We leave Colorado this week for a trip to California before heading back east, so we decided we needed to go get scared again on Yule Creek.


Kickin’ off the Season

Demshitz Graham here checking in with some quality pictures and a VIDEO from our week after Reno fest on some classic early season California runs.