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TVF 3rd Birthday Event

This month we celebrated the third birthday event of the community website in the Thames Valley – home of the world famous hurley weir. Three years ago it was set up by Gareth Harvey – committed to re-creating that sense of community which had been missing. The site provides invaluable resources like weir guides, level updates and a community forum. Take a look at

Dave Wortley gathered people together and organised some fun competitions – spin to win, pairs freestyle, king of the wave. One of the competitions was a knock-out event where everyone chose moves that they found easy up to progressively harder – the format meant that people doing flat spins could compete against people doing helixes!! The whole day was all about fun – it was really laid back with nothing formal about the event. The winning move on the pairs freestyle was a sychronised kiss blown to the judge by the Mears sisters!

The sunshine helped out too – it was all round a fun day, with plenty of Molans to be found on the water. Pyranha donated prizes, as did other manufactures and the local shop (White Water the Canoe Centre). Thanks to Pyranha and other supporters as well as Dave for organising and all who turned up

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Photos by Dave Wortley