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Demshitz 1st stop Kill it tour : Appomattox Richmond VA

dave kimbo
Spring is here and  Demshitz has reunited to start off the Kill it tour 2010. Our first stop was a delivery and demo at Appomattox in Richmond VA . We had a great day on Saturday on the James river hitting up the playspots with some local paddlers in the new boats.
the porch
 Kimbo loaded with boats.
come to demo!Demo demshitz!
burns karnalis Burns and Karnali‘s

molans Derek and Daniel testing out the Molan

derrek havin fun in molan Derek killing it in the Molan doing bow stalls and wavewheels all day

cool photography  Cool photos from Derek 
beers and boats
brown Excellent times in Richmond it was a great success! The rest of the summer I will be traveling with Demshitz Dave  Fusilli Jared Seiler and Nicole Mansfield in the Team Pyranha van promoting Pyranha kayaks. Next stop is NOC Demo Daze this weekend, come out and try the new boats!  Here is our Tour Schedule .
tour schedule