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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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Frauenweissen – creek / Austria

Yesterday we had nice waterlevel on the Frauenweissen-creek. Normally the waterlevel is ok for the lower drops, but to high for the upper section.. So we had the pleasure to run the upper section yesterday evening 🙂 Myself in the big slide on the upper section chilling at the lower drops !!


Expeditions in Austria

Heavy Rain and a lot of motivation made us search for new creeks in our region. After two days of hiking and searching we made 2 first descents and also a lot of other stuff… enjoy the short video of the last weekend !! cheers !!!


Obertalcreek / Austria

Nice shot from Daniel Egger at the beginning of the Obertalcreek gorge ! Paddler: Robert Machacek More Pics and Videos hopefully soon on cu on the river !!!


Searching for water at Easter Holidays…

Upper Obersulzcreek.. low water but steep !!! Talbachgorge  Paddler: Robert Machacek Photo by: Alois Lindner Searching a line !!! Michi Schneebichler Heres a short Video of the Talbachgorge in Styria. Heres a Short Video of the Talbachgorge !! Talbachklamm cheers Robert !!


Sölk-river gorge / Styria (Austria)

Very challenging run on the lower gorge. Last year very heavy rainfalls destroyed the whole upper valley. Only the lower gorge was ok, so far. The problem was, that we dont knew if there would be a lot of trees in this big gorge.. the best thing is that you cannot exit the gorge ! …

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Taugl River Gorge

The Taugl-river is a small creek near Salzburg in Austria. The river flows through a very deep, 8 kilometer long Gorge. There is only one Brige in the middle where you can have a look on the river. The best thing about this river is, that you can have totally new rapids after every flood …

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Park & Huck Classic

Still soo cold… but there is this Rapid called “Stromboding-Waterfall” in upper Austria , which you can paddle at low waterlevels in early spring.. the waterfall itself is not extremly difficult, but has a tricky entrance and a big undercut at the base of the fall. very nice … ! myself entering the exit drop. …

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Sweet Winterday…

Today I was able to make 2 short runs on the Saalach River (class 4/5 classic run ) in Austria to check out my new Go Pro Cam. Still very cold in Austria, but you can already smell the spring 😀 !!! Entering the triple combo “S” bend at the exit of the triple combo …

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First spring feelings this Year !

Normally in January you can only go Skiing or Snowboarding in Austria, but the warm temperatures and some heavy rain made some hidden creeks around Salzburg rising … Andreas Stockinger running the first steep section of ” Stony Creek” Myself entering ” Double Drop”.. the first one is very tricky because its very very shallow …

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Big Gorge on the Isel River / Austria

The Isel River in Austria is a famous big water river in Austria, in the last week we had a very low water level on the river, so we had the chance to paddle the upper gorge, which is paddled not very often. The problem is that mostly there is too much water for this …

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