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Taugl River Gorge

The Taugl-river is a small creek near Salzburg in Austria.

The river flows through a very deep, 8 kilometer long Gorge. There is only one Brige in the middle where you can have a look on the river.

The best thing about this river is, that you can have totally new rapids after every flood . So its always very challenging not to know whats araoun the next corner …. On those 8 kilometers there is only one way to exit.. the rest are must run sections and big walls on both side.

On the take out there is also a nice 9 Meter drop called “römerfalls”…..


Kristin Schernthaner entering the Taugl-Gorge …


One of thounsands of must runs…. around every corner you have to hope that there are no trees 😀


Portaging is not always possible…. but great fun if you have to !!!!!

drop at the takeout

9 meter “Römerfalls ” at the take out

cheers Robert