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  1. Monarch Mountain Boatercross — April 5, 2010
  2. Lake Creek….A Byzantine juxtaposition between being and becoming…..Think about it! — July 11, 2009
  3. Pine Creek photos — June 20, 2009
  4. Pine Creek Boatercross! — June 19, 2009
  5. Monarch MT Boatercross — April 7, 2009

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Monarch Mountain Boatercross

This is a cool little video that RSN put together on the Monarch Mountain boatercross this year. Congrats to Tom Mckee for pulling out the win in a Medium Burn


Lake Creek….A Byzantine juxtaposition between being and becoming…..Think about it!

After a late season jump in water levels Lake Creek came back down to a great flow.  Evan Ross took me up for my first run down the lower quality section.  It is a pretty classic Colorado Creek.  It looks pretty manky scouting, but once you are in there it feels pretty clean. It starts …

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Pine Creek photos

Here are a couple of photos from the Pine Creek Boatercross Headed up the tracks for another round in the Medium Karnali. Geoff and I battling it out through the crux move of the race.


Pine Creek Boatercross!

Fibark is off and running here in Salida. Thursday’s Pine Creek boatercross started off the week with a bang.  Boatercrosses are always fan favorites but the Pine Creek race mixes it up with a giant stickey hole thrown in the middle to keep things interesting.  Definitely the most exciting boatercross I have been a part …

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Monarch MT Boatercross

Water is still a little low out here in Colorado, but it didn’t stop the 28 kayakers from breaking out the boats for a little racing.  Saturday marked the 4th annual Monarch Mt. snow boatercross.  As far as anyone knew it was the only one of its kind and it was more fun than I …

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I just got back from an epic trip to Madagascar.  The purpose of our trip was to run two new rivers over in Mada while filming for a documentary based around First Descents Cancer Camps.  I flew over with paddlers Brad Ludden, Rush Sturges and Alex Nicks.  Arden and Trask were there to film as …

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Africa and north america with World Class

I have been teaching for World Class Kayak Academy this year and one of my students Jones Cochran put this video together of me from the first semester. We spent time up on the Ottawa, Lachine, The East coast, Zambezi and White Nile. We are off to Chile in Mid January. Check it out Video …

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Chiapas Mexico

(Myself on the 2nd falls of the Santo Domingo) photo Derik Beitler Paddling out of the country is always an adventure, and this trip was no exception. Chiapas has a reputation for being a little dangerous and we found out why.


Mosier Falls

Copyright 2007 the photographer does not wish to be recognized due to the focus of the photos!!!!! Back in Hood River again!


100 year flood

Well paddling is officially back on in full force on the West Coast. We are experiencing what they are calling the 100 year flood. Rivers are all setting record levels. Houses are flooding, dams are blowing out, cars falling into rivers and a few of us idiot kayakers are trying to paddle.

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