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Pine Creek Boatercross!

Fibark is off and running here in Salida. Thursday’s Pine Creek boatercross started off the week with a bang.  Boatercrosses are always fan favorites but the Pine Creek race mixes it up with a giant stickey hole thrown in the middle to keep things interesting.  Definitely the most exciting boatercross I have been a part off.

Team Pyranha had a strong showing again this year in the race.  The Karnali and the Burns were definitely the most popular boats out there.  Everyone started out with a time trial run to cut the field to 16 and seed you for the very important starting positions.  In the time trials Calhoun was Second Dave Fusilli was Third I was fourth and I think Jared Seiler was 6th.  Jeremy And Nicole had the crowd favorite time trial runs with some impressive hole surfs!

After the first two rounds and a little controversy the finals were set with 5 of us.  It was a close brutal battle from the beginning to the end.  Headed into the last move into the finish line I was in the lead with Calhoun and Brian Kirk just a few boat lenghts behind.  I caught a weird surge above the boof into the eddy at the finish line and was forced down low in the eddy allowing Kirk to sneak in for the win.

Final Results:

1st.   Brian Kirk

2nd.  Josh Bechtel

T3rd  Jared Seiler

T3rd  Geoff Calhoun

5th    Dave Fusilli

Thanks to CKS for organizing the Race.

Stay tuned for Photos of the Race and more action from the Freestyle this weekend.