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Lake Creek….A Byzantine juxtaposition between being and becoming…..Think about it!


After a late season jump in water levels Lake Creek came back down to a great flow.  Evan Ross took me up for my first run down the lower quality section.  It is a pretty classic Colorado Creek.  It looks pretty manky scouting, but once you are in there it feels pretty clean.

It starts out with a few miles of class 4 read and run before reaching the 4 major drops.  The first one is Brains which is probably the cleanest of the drops.  Quality boofs!


Brains leads into Paralizer which is probably the largest of the drops.  There is a pitony line down the middle, a sweet boof on the left or a triple boof on the right.

The last drop on the run is Cauldron. a cool entrance into a deep melt down in a caved out room.  Pretty quality!  Here are a few photos from the day!