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Raquette and Beaver Weekend 09

graham brown raqThrowing out the Brown Claw on The Raquette river in upstate New York. Patrick Rogers photo…tons of photos can be found from the weekend at Thanks Patrick!


raquette Boofing on to the slide on Colton Falls Raquette River NY. Matt Young photo
moshier Last drop on the Moshier Beaver River. Matt Young photo

matt young Matt Young busting his Karnali through the last hole on the Moshier section of the Beaver. 

brenton-patrillo Brenton Petrillo killin it in the Burn
eagle angels Chris Morelli and I , and this other dude who peeled out in between us, running the 2nd slide on the Eagle section of the Beaver.


Eagle sequence 2 – you can see that ball now.

morelli New Brown Soldier of Demshitz Chris Morelli ready to fire it up and get some sick helmet cam footy Check it out on youtube Beaverfest Weekend

Here are some cool shots we found on Patrick’s website. 

beaver recoil Someone in the recoil

beaver wheel nice freewheel ball

graham-colton-falls me running colton Falls and the Everest slays it

chris and i colton falls Chris “kid chris’ Morelli and I on Colton falls

whoops Sickline

another brown Had to throw up the brown on this one  saw some swims earlier in the day for sure a stout brown slide

vesely brown Kevin Vesely brown claw

morelli-brown Kid Chris brown claw. This is the town where the clowns run the browns. Demshitz style spreading now everyone browns.

scenic route Sometimes when you are running the brown demshitz hits the fan. 


randy-pbr-shoe-beer  randy-shoe-beer Randy paying his respects to the river gods. This demshit gives er harder than anyone hes an inspiration to anyone learning to paddle class V. Only been boating for about a year and is killin’ it no fear stylie. Check out the video of Randy on the Raquette.  

boys It was an excellent day on the Raquette we did two runs the second one going fast with no crowds and warm weather. Shortly after this picture we left the video camera on the roof of the car and ran shuttle. It fell off eventually and we found it in a ditch on the side of the road pretty smashed up. We couldn’t video anymore of the trip but it turned out to be extremely fun weekend getting on the Beaver River Moshier Falls and the Eagle section. Sad that summer is over and another fun trip but now we have to look forward to the Gauleyfest. Stay tuned for more demshitz shananagins posted on the internet gauley seems to dish out some carnage as well hehe.