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Kickin’ off the Season


Demshitz Graham here checking in with some quality pictures and a VIDEO from our week after Reno fest on some classic early season California runs.

dave beast Reno BoaterX champ Dave Fusilli Dave in Reno Dave walking back from a late session at the hole in downtown Reno.

Loves Falls Loves Falls N.F.Yuba
loves Falls2
lifestyleshot Campings


One of the many perfect waterfalls on the South Branch of the Feather in Cali.

Conor-SB-falls Conor Finney running the stout on the South Branch
stout Sitting at the edge of the planet.

kimshew Somewhere on Big Kimshew
lawrance-kimshew Lawrance Simpson running a drop on Big Kimshew
Big Kimshew Falls Group shot below Big Kimshew Falls.
jaredboofin Jared boofing a drop on Kimshew

Gadget-frenchies Finney running Frenchies 40

hyrup Good Hyrup for kayaking. Vitalyte

I’ve been having a kick ass time traveling in the Pyranha van with Demshitz. This weekend we are hanging out in Buena Vista Colorado for Paddle Fest. We will be in Colorado for the next month. Lots of snow here, cant wait for the melt. Check out the CKS website for great deals on kayaking gear and a schedule of events this month in Buena Vista and other Colorado hot spots.