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Demshitz are wrapping up our Colorado tour. We leave Colorado this week for a trip to California before heading back east, so we decided we needed to go get scared again on Yule Creek.
nate Nate Mack in the hyrup
scout demshitz
Yule Creek has some of the biggest drops in Colorado. It was super high water today and 4 of demshitz decided it was good.
jaredboofinball Graham filming Jared running the ball drop
jaredwalldrop Jared running the wall drop
walldrop Graham on the Wall drop
Yule Creek gets crazy at high water because the 4 big drops run together fast so its more like 2 super stout drops
looking Jared scouting oriental massage
oriental massage Graham on Oriental Massage
nate mack@the bottom Dave celebrating Nate’s “Happy Ending”
demshitz photos:nate mack
yule CREEK looking back up at the valley

Sick day. Check back this week for a video of some Yule footy and some OBJ race!