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Pyranha Welcomes the young gun Torryd Crew

Who are the Torryd crew and what the hell does that mean?

Trent McCrerey, Knox Hammack, and Edward Muggridge met up while attending the World Class Academy with the same goals of pushing their kayaking, and having fun doing it. Over the years they have been able to meet up and kayak in some incredible places and document their experiences through great film. As for Torryd, they aren’t really sure how they came up with it, but remember looking up the word “Torrid” on google and finding out it was a retail clothing company for plus sized women. It seemed right up their alley.

Trent McCrerey

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Knox Hammack

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Edward Muggridge

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To myself and co-manager Big D they are the “future”.  We are super stoked to add these guys to the roster and see what they come up with!  Stay tuned for some great media from these young guns.  If you want to check out what they are up to they have plenty of entertainment on their facebook page .  We are really excited to see what they do in those new Pyranha kayaks!  Welcome the Boyz!

Torryd 2