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Kyle Hull the 9R

I have had the pleasure to paddle a variety of kayaks in my years of paddling.  I have really liked some of them, and others where just ok.  Then there are the kayaks you just know are good from the very first moment you take a seat in it. The new Pyranha 9R falls into that category. From the first video I saw to the very first time I paddled the 9r I knew it was going to be an amazing boat.  Everything about the 9r is spot on.  The boat is narrower than most boats but does not lose stability. This also increases the speed and makes switching from edge to edge faster. Paddling the 9r for the first time down the Little White Salmon was one of the smoothest rides ever.  The bow on the 9r is a magical thing as well. The rocker of the boat allows the bow to ride over curlers, waves, holes, seams, and eddy lines with ease.  It also spins on a dime. You can have your boat pointing left and with minimal effort turn it back straight or all the way right.  Now some people out there might be thinking that this boat is just a straight race but it’s much more than that. It does excel in racing but it is also an amazing boat for the average Joe. Its stable and boofs like a dream. So from beginner to the most hard core of paddlers the 9r will get it done. Till next time