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Tyne Tour

Last weekend was the 18th annual Tyne Tour (original the Mike Jones Rally on the Dee, that was moved to the River Tyne 7 year ago) in the North East of England.


Rich Brooks & I enjoy a romantic paddle with the ducks!

The Stand

 Busy Busy!

We were there in full force with a Rev, Everest & lots of demo boats for folks to give a whirl.

The water levels were on the low side but thatÂ’s not what the weekend is about. Everyone camps together on Tyne Green in Hexham and dances Saturday night away at the Ceilidh.

Sunday morning people extract themselves from whichever tent they ended the night in, shakes off hangovers, peels off any Pyranha stickers they may have acquired, and hits the water again.

ItÂ’s always great to catch up with people youÂ’ve not seen since last year, swap stories and enjoy a few beers.


The only sensible photo from Saturday nigth!