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All Rev’d Up

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first Prototype of Pyranha’s new play-thing, the Rev, just in time for a trip to sample the very best of the North East England’s surf, had so much fun, ran out of time and had to get photos on the river in the dark!


We turned up to an almost unbeleavable clean 6ft break which allowed me to put the Rev through its paces. First ride in and i couldnt beleave the speed and release from the new boat – second ride in and i managed my first head dry helix! Wow, what a play-thing this is…


…after spending far too long in the surf, throwing big areals and spinning around like a loon, I couldnt resist a quick play on the way home to see if it’s as good in a hole as it is on a wave. It was already a quater past dark, raining hard and all my kit was wet, was it worth getting on? you bet…