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Pre-Halloween Gift…Inner City Strife

The weather gods smiled brightly over the northeast last weekend when Inner City Strife wave came in. The rain didn’t quite hit the the right spots for the steep stuff to come in, but we had a great wave to surf as a fall back plan.

Matt Young Pan AmMy good buddy Bill Frazer and I rolled over to Watertown, New York to find a sweet wave with no one on it . Throughout the day a few more poeple showed up to surf but never more than five or six in the eddy at a time. The wave as at a great level all day and it was very rare to surf with so few people waiting in line. After over two years paddling the 4twenty I am still madly in love with it.

Right now there is a Hurricane looming off of the east coast and I am headed to Long Island to try out some ocean surfing . This ought to be interesting.

bill blunting

Photos by Julie Vickery